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If you want to live more from the heart, let your jaw relax!

As we strive to go through life factually and objectively and understand the world, things, our fellow humans and ourselves, we have strongly identified with our reasoning and withdrawn our minds as if into a back parlor. In order to keep an eye on everything at all times, we have perfected our powers of observation over the course of time. Our senses are now sharp as knives and our response patterns to stimuli have become ingrained. As a result, the heart as a place of perception for our reality has retreated more and more to the background.

Reflection, "objective observation", deliberating, assessing and calculating are generally considered our identity's most important manifestation and form of expression. The belief in this apparent objectivity and adherence to the aspiration of being objective reveal the limit to our willingness to assume and cultivate responsibility with respect to our experience. The belief in objectivity and rationality ring in the end of our self-empowerment. And it enables the escalation of our mode of perception toward frigidity, an expression of being supremely cut off from our liveliness, creative energy and empowerment.

This downward spiral escalates through the following stages:

1. Objectivity, 2. Soberness, 3. Austerity, 4. Concern, 5. Anxiety, 6. Frustration, 7. Frigidity

These dynamics express themselves in our psycho-physical sensory and muscle configuration as physical phenomena whose questionable usefulness is seldomly opposed due to their widespread prevalence. Excessive sensitivity and speed, concentration (intense focusing), composing oneself, frowning, putting oneself under pressure, holding one's breath, being stubborn, assuming an austere look, clenching one's jaw and backside are phenomena we rarely give thought to, despite having a fatal impact on one's charisma, posture and well-being. 

The natural and relaxed closure of our jaw, which takes place every time we swallow, is an important aid in stabilizing and fine-tuning our system of balance. At the same time, the jaw muscles store all of our life's painful coping experiences (as do all bodily cells and tissue structures).

The suction rate is a measured value that illustrates the coping intensity in babies which helps make up their personality. This is best observed in small children who, because they lack the means to cope with their emotional experiences, are given a pacifier that produces a suction and swallowing mechanism which effectively distracts them from the source of their discomfort and their emotional process. The intensity of the child's reaction thereby adds to the energetic consolidation that boosts its own self.

Through the concrete, physical pressure generated by the closing of the jaw, we as adults also leverage our consciousness into the cognitive backrooms of our mind and barricade ourselves inside. 

On the other hand, spontaneous and positive emotional circumstances are associated with involuntary permitting of breathing impulses that allow air to flow through the mouth as it will. When we are astonished, sigh with contentment, laugh, smile, yawn and cheer we are thereby subconsciously allowing our autonomous nervous system to take part in our development process and personal experience. 

By reducing the level of pressure in our jaw area, the emotional backgrounds of our cognitive processes can come energetically back to our awareness and be transformed in our heart. Those who are willing to venture this experiment and who, in even difficult situations, allow air to more frequently flow into the mouth, will be surprised at the extent and immediacy with which sentimental clarity and intensity return to one's experience.

The cognitive dynamic response is diminished and the ability to be emotionally present is enhanced. As a result, all of our buried emotional congestion can be felt and released and we can free ourselves of this ticking timebomb.

To the extent that we avoid becoming ensnarled in the cognitive coping of challenging emotions and situations and let go of these "bones" of our opinions, justifications and dogmatisms, our heart awareness and heart strength that is so critical for our happiness and health can again find its way into our life.

When we regain ownership of our ability to change and shape our heart space, our life is once again made authentic and succulent. On the one hand, we achieve natural competence and responsibility in coping with problems, conflicts, doubts and depression. And on the other, the awareness for our authority grows with respect to our experience and future plans, as love, inspiration and belonging find their way into more and more areas of our life where they can then flourish. 

Cool feet, cool pelvis, bold knees is a simple key for releasing vitality, dynamism and alignment in every position, situation and movement.


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