Torsten Konrad

is a performing and visual artist, a movement teacher and coach as well as a Psychology of Vision Trainer. Self-realization, the link that connects his approach and content the driving force, in all he does, be it research, teaching or creating. 

He has been a teacher of the F. M. Alexander-Technique supporting health, coordination and inspiration to the dance students of Folkwang University Of The Arts for the last 20 years and for the last 10 years he has been doing the same for the music, drama and design students. He has been assisting in Cologne’s Alexander-Technique Teacher Training courses for a decade.

He teaches relationship and self-realization seminars in Germany and Internationally both as a coach for Psychosynthesis and as trainer for Psychology of Vision. His research is connecting and introducing the beauty of self-experience into the areas of: body awareness, relationships, leadership, spirituality and the performing and visual arts.

In his workshops he supports people in accessing freedom and joy, happiness and love. His private sessions (via phone, through video calls or live face to face) invite the unconditional freedom of miracle mindedness, grace and beauty into his clients’ bodies, hearts and minds as well as into their relationships and work life in order to help them to achieve their purpose and live their destiny.

1"I owe a lot of thanks to the different cultures, that helped me feel at home on this planet. I get so refreshed when i can change language and therefore love the regular contact with people from all around the world related to my teaching at Folkwang University Of The Arts in Essen since 1998."

International activities

 • Weekly online meditation and manifestation classes, a free offer in English every Thursday morning through Zoom audio.

• Worldwide private coaching sessions on the phone, Zoom or Skype in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

• Intense contact with my Psychology of Vision® trainer community with amazing colleagues from Hawaii & USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Canada, the UK and Switzerland.

• Teaching the Alexander-Technique, Body-Performance, Psychosynthesis and Psychology of Vision® in Italy, the Netherlands and Asia.


Healing relationships and supporting our happiness and success with COACHING

Improving our life activities, health & selfexperience through the ALEXANDER-TECHNIQUE


Purchase MP3-Audio-Books

These audio books provide you with very refined and specific directions to access your body awareness and consciousness in order to invite your inherent physical intelligence and free yourself up on all levels. Practicing with the 3 different levels of this detailed access to you psycho-physical use will help with sore muscles as well as with back-, neck-, knee- and other pains of the muscular, nervous, skeletal and ligamentous system.


Join the free online meditation

Please sign in for the waiting list to reserve your place. (Only the thursday morning edition will be held in english.) Get your Zoom-Link here!


This new English-language meditation offer allows you to reconnect with and reboot your cellular aliveness whilst discovering how this toolleads to the power, freedom and integrity of self-embodiment. We build up a relaxed connection ourselves our experiences and the world that allows us a to start the day in a more relaxed and centered way with less inner and outer pressure and dissociation.

This offer for friends of "Schöner-Leben-Institut" combines the best of the Alexander-Technique, Psychosynthesis, Sumarah- and Vipassana-Meditation and Psychology-Of-Vision®. It is a fully contemplative guided inner work through the direction and sounds wich takes place each Thursday morning from 7 until 8 am German time on Zoom-Audio. We will also guide you to work on the quality and ease of your sitting position.


What you need to participate is:


• • a comfortable & warm seat with backrest

• • good internet connection  

• • Zoom-App (also works on mobile phones. Downloads automatically if you click on this link  ,

   unless it is already installed - Click on the link again after installation is finished to enter the meeting.... It is advised to check

   the technique before the first meeting) 

•• headset 

•• water


Registration is appreciated to informs us about your participation but is not mandatory.

Book your private coaching session

These coaching support your sense of fulfillment, truth and happiness in relationships, family and at work. 


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