Digital Artwork

Welcome to these high-quality pictures and series. These works transmit high vibrating frequencies that support your well-being.




Their presence in a space raises the atmosphere and supports the transformation of life- and process topics. That's why these pictures fit perfectly any place that wants to welcome well-being, good vibrations, joy and happiness, as well as healing, recuperation, and problem-solving.





The facts of this art is intuitive. It helps to open up the subconscious as well as the unconscious. This is it effect is partially due to the healing quality of the Colors and motives used in the intuitive composition that each work contains.




We wish you lots of enjoyment and fun with these vitalizing and sensitizing, works at a match your energy field, and start to work with you from the first moment of your encounter with them.




Each piece of the series is available in different additions.  I am looking very much forward to help you with the choice of the right sample Siri and edition.













Hand Signed

All the Works are signed limited Editions

Limited Editions

Every Artwork is published in it's limited Edition between 10 and 15


International shipping Except Taiwan & Malaysia unfortunately


30 € to the UK

66 € to Switzerland

125 € to the US

250 € to China, Singapore and Hongkong